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"Blank Stares & Silence"

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As we sit inside this room face to face, 1million questions...steady running through our minds but neither of us bother asking

Arguments from the past must have taught each of us a lesson, becausr silence has taken over preventing any forceful action

Blank stares and silence, blank stares and silence, kinda awkward in a sense but at least theres no violence

You used to snatch my phone when i was sleep, looking for numbers..couldnt find diddly squat but you still raised hell

Guess you got suck of getting smacked everytime u would confront me, if theres any love still within you i wouldnt know cause i cant tell with these

Blank stares and silence, blank stared and silence...the flame that we once had is no longer ignited

We used to make up after every heated argument...make love for an hour then cuddle like nothing happened

Now..we dont even argue so we cannot make amends, i guess this marks the end to this cycle weve been trapped in

Blank stares and silence, blank stares and silence..nothin left to say, i suppose were just tired

Blank stares and silence, blank stares and silence, nothin left to say...so i guess its goodbye then

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