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"If this world were mine"

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If this world were mine..money would grow on trees

No poverty,no greed...everyone would have access to its leaves

If this world...were mine

There would be no such thing as rain and no such thing as pain,

Just blue skies and sunny days but it seems..

That only exists in my mind

Why? Sometimes...i wonder what it would really be like..

If abortion didnt exist and every kid got a chance at life

If prison wasnt necessary, killing wasnt necessary,

Life would be much easier if no1 had a reason to cry

If only..this world were mine

I pray for this generation of insecure baddies, materialistic puppets

And lost souls of our time

I pray for the youngins who has to struggle to survive,

I wonder if i could take away the struggle..would it be less crime?

If only..this world were mine

I would do the unthinkable, put an end to racial judgement,

And paint the world black and white

No more discrimination, no more racism...

Just imagine life if every single eye was color blind

If only, if only..this world were mine

However, this world is not,...

This worlds the devil...this world is Gods

Im sure were all aware of whats right and whats wrong

The choice is in our hands because this world is ours

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