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"Broke girl blues"

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Tired of livin' paycheck to paycheck

And im even more tired of strugglin''

Somethins' gotta give,

Because just some ol' regular 9 to 5 aint cuttin' it

Im sick of wakin up one day,

Wonderin' what the next ones' gon' bring

They say poetry is my calling, but tell me ..

Why wont that motha sucka ring?!

Wheres' my opportunities? How much closer am i

To my dreams?

Of being internationally known...

Let me know because im tired of waiting

My birthday is comin' up...

I will be 23... Years young

And honestly...i could yell "F my birthday!!"

To the very top of my lungs

Just because...i aint happy...

Theres' not a lick of joy within me

After payin' all of these bills, i cant believe my pockets

Is empty!!

I often think of stripping...

Just the thought of it is tempting

But because of how my mother raised me,

I dnt think i even got it in me

I cant win for losin' !! Im always on my blues ish

i contemplate bout' givin up' , but givin' up is mighty foolish

So i guess ill grab my notebook, and jot down an ol' to-do lidt

I just got to make a change, but when and how am i gon' do thos?

My thoughts is leakin', pen is inkin

I dont have time to cry!

I saw 1 tear startin' to fall, opened my eyes wide and let it dry

I swear...i got to stop worrying about the struggles in my life

these are just a few of the thing thats on my troubled little mind

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mrmelody7 says:

called my life the beautiful struggle, loved the continuous fight, just remember persistence and fortitude your very best friend

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odonko-ba says:

it's a shame the we have to go through just to eat to survive life is a torment thrown upside down we have to find our balance. you seemed to have found yours in poetry. keep writing. and let nothing still your joy. cause indeed your moms raised you right.

Poteic Justice says:

Times like this is just a ending to a new begining, one day it will be the past that we went through and we will fight harder so we never go back to being the "broke girl" nice poem :)

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