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A Slave to Passion

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 The inky blackness suddenly became a substantial form, an

Extremely voluptuous man, with all his treasures adorned.....

Beautiful and Seductive,

He's my exotic poison.

Slowly, so effortlessly draining me....

Such exquisite agony,

To have my life ebb away.


He possesses the unbridled power,

Or so he monumental ego believes.

But I am the tangible instrument,

The vehicle of his desires and dreams.

Reflections of the same essence,

We are chained together forever.


The lights burn low during the gloom.

The red candles begin to flicker out.

Our shadows dance in this perpetual twilight.

They mimic our every subtle move and nuance.

We search for understanding and perfection,

And we become one entity.


Our blood mingles in the night air.

The gift of eternity enthralls our thoughts.

At the Thirteenth Hour,

The exchange is a rapture of our souls.,


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ms.poeticpassion says:


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c_michelle_b says:

Love it!

tretre says:

Thank you ms.poeticpassion. I'm glad you liked it.

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tretre says:

Thank you c_michelle...I'm glad you loved it. Keep that pen movin!

Jordanta says:

I always enjoy reading "you" I don't comment very much, but I think I've read every piece. Wanted to let you know that you're in the upper echelon of poetry.

2b2b2 says:

Magnificently Crafted Work....thanks for sharing!

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