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"Scarlett Raindrops"

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As the storm sets in, and the sky cracks open..imagine a mouth around the horizon, hungry and starved

Flashing its teeth at the rhythm of the thunder, dancing with lightning to an awful song

Drizzling saliva as it prepares to devour..the prey that lies beneath it, in its stomach theres a growl

Posted like an owl, watching silently at the quarrel, hoping it goes wrong and the situation turns sour

His name....is DEATH

And his belly is grey, a cloud craving souls with a tall glass of rain

But not just any rain, he has a strong taste for pain mixed with tears thats produced by the mourning of the slain

All of us are prey...were not guarunteed tomorrow

It was blue skies yesterday, but today it is scarlett

So many lives lost, people gone but not forgotten.. and nobody is safe, anyone could be a target

I believe that blood sheds just as much as bloods red, an evident fact..damn shame...enough said

These scarlett raindrops..they dont never seem to end,

So much hate here on earth..and not enough love spread

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underhiswings7 says:

This is definitely a truth piece. Had to save in my favorites!

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