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Aint got much but a pretty penny in a world where everything costs

Youre paying more for the air you breathe than you would for a pack of socks

I got pricetags on my fears in which i paid for constantly

Im going broke, so i stole hope and happiness that dont belong to me

What the hell is wrong with me? This world has got me feeling hopeless

I gotta shelter over my head , & yet my futures' kind of homeless

Hard knock life....steady getting kicks instead of kisses

Everyday im struggling while other folks is collecting riches

But how...did...they...get...it?

Sometimes it makes me want to holler

How can i make it to that point when all i have is this ol' dollar

A dollar and a dream..but tell me whats a dream worth?

Can i sell it for a better life and the lux that i deserve?

God gives us many talents, yet we wont know how expensive our gifts is

Until we take that dollar and a dream...and turn it into millions

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stud_)trou8le says:

yes God is awesome to us individually and ur right its up to us to grasp our gifts ...nice piece

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