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"And it came to me in a dream"

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 Life to me has always been a matter of existence....easy to live, & easy 2 die

But the more I continued to experience it, the more I began 2 cry

I could hear the bullets sound, as the young man cries out "Why!?"

Was this actually a nightmare exposing me to the truths about life?

Hard 2 live...Easy 2 die

Pain in his eyes, people watching in horror instantly overwhelmed by the crime.....Is this actually what im seeing?

From this same mans body it is my bood he's bleeding!!! And it came to me in a dream....

My flesh was his flesh...My brothers and my sisters are in me cant you see!!!

And it came to me in a dream,as the young mans life suddenly ended before me...Somebodys got 2 save us or youre all goin to destroy me!!

We are...Part of the same body but as seperate as the strands of someones hair, but as soon as the wind blows we all move in unison without even being aware...

and im scared.... for us ,whats happening to us is a nightmare, Im trying hard not to scream...We are a Nation thats in Danger....and this message came 2 me in a dream....

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2b2b2 says:

Excellent Share...thanks

royale jones says:

I love everything about this poem great story line and ending. great write Miss!

Miss_chaniel says:

Excellent write love it .....

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