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"Writers Block"(2007)

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 Welcome 2 my block where mind constructions skulpt da city
buildinz built by pure emotion drowned in lyrical Graffiti
da streets iz gritty cuz life got grimmey trapped in da depts of our own minds see
we only victims 2 reality da cruel world dun got us Blind B!
While anotha writer expresses and weep streets start sproutin like floweres
Pain is written, tears is sent and soon we'll be expectin more rain showers
rain is fallin thoughs is callin dudes on da court runnin round B-ballin
Only difference is is we dribble words while in real life dudez dripple spaldin
writers bawlin what they think and in a blink streets appear like magic
we trapped in our imagination of our own past just slightly tragic
we've been here 4 a while now and still we have it on lock
just anotha human resident 2...da writers block

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Wordman21 says:

Great way to say what's muddling in all our minds.

SoFloetic says:

Girl I am really feeling this. Your very talented

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