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just look at what man did to destroy this planet the strongest structure is a pyramid mere men play with bombs blowing up tall buildings with small ceilings picking on the weak hurting moms with feelings wake the Pharaoh unseal the scroll open up the payroll I’m in clothes get me my robe bare feet no socks melanin needs no sunblock took shots like Tupac my artistic style is to shock Jesus turned to Peter and said “You Rock” I speak to those who lend an ear like old folks use to say “get your but in gear” it’s a new year the end is near it’s in the atmosphere I’ve seen a lot still have not seen it all saw a tree chopped down but never seen one fall I hit a wall took it apart brick by brick how many licks did it take I wasn’t counting this is not for heaven sake stole away across the deep on a ship called Galilee look for me I’m underground but not asleep I had to cross a wolf with a sheep just to get some peace figure it out then go back to sleep

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latin_lover says:

This poem is like a structured drift. Excellent write.

2b2b2 says:


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hymnagen says:

Crazy Flow! I wanna hear this on a hot beat, Wize!

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