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i miss writing and i miss being on here but its like i've lost my independence and im just trying to find my way back

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20:41 My Current Situation

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I don't know if I ever told u but I fall fast
Fast for someone that I think will last
But you sure are something special to me,
if only I knew what special was really meant to be,
You scare me.
Because my mind feels like its falling out the sky
While I'm hoping not to hear the word goodbye.
Cuz another heart break is the last thing I'm wishing to feel
And thinking about u is whats currently causing my heart to heal
I close my eyes hoping that you're next to me when I open them
But no luck for me you still chillin in the sun
Missing you like crazy
Got my heart feeling lazy
For your love and affection
And your sincere protection
Sigh here we go again with this distance
Just come to me so I can be ya witness
Cuz the crimes that we'll commit ain't no turning back from
How about you just come here and settle, you me and ya son.

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latin_lover says:

This definitely from the heart.

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chispoken says:

Reflection talents are on display here. Nice

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DeleDivine says:

This is so touching.. Go Precious.:)

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tiny says:

thank you :)

thebookofspells says:

I hear you.

lyrical lyfe says:

Wow :) I really like this !!

tiny says:

thank you sweetie

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underhiswings7 says:

Very deep

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