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Mama Was a Badass - A Short Story



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I was born ~
on the other side
of the other side

not too far
from the other side
where the train tracks end

d o w n   n e a r   t h e   g u l l y

where the good ole boys
            drank moonshine
        and cooked possum

   G u n s m o k e   a n d   L i q u o r


                    tells one
even at an early age
don’t go down there


         n i g g e r s

    aren’t allowed


as a boy

I would sit
on top of the hill

this tragic comedy
of uneducated poor folk

whose circumstance
was far more dire
than my owm
            I remember
            my mama and I
            went into town one day
                 to do some shopping
                             at the grocery
there was
this little dirty-faced boy


n o   s h o e s . !


a raggedy colour-faded t-shirt
jeans that had seen better times


                                s n o t . !

smeared all over his face
standing outside
                                   his face
pressed up against the glass

looking in
at the pastries and candies


        m y   m o m   s a w   h i m

        on the way out
        she handed the little boy
        a bag with cookies and candies

                         the boy was grateful
        he said  -  “Thank you maam”

              as we walked away
        we heard the little boy
        s c r e a m i n g
                                    an adult male
       had grabbed the bag from him
  and slapped him behind the head
an adult female
I assumed to be his mom
just stood and looked on
          she seemed scared
    s h e   w a s   s h a k i n g
                    she somehow
mustered up the courage
to confront the man


she tried to defend her son ~


her protestations
were met with a slap across the face
       she was a woman of slight build

       the force of the slap
       landed her to the ground
the man is now scolding
the woman and her son

s h e ’ s   t r e m b l i n g

cowering in response
         to every gesture
          the man makes


t h e    k i d   i s   b a w l i n g


    not for himself
    but for his mama

    he holds on to the man’s leg
    and savages a bite into it

    this seems to enrage the man more
            but the lil fella just won’t let go
    that lil boy had courage
    he was like a lion with fresh kill
                              he won’t budge
                               he won’t let go

“You should never take anything  from their kind we are not charity”
                 t h e   m a n   y e l l s  .  !
“Dem  n i g g e r s  think they are better than us,  she gave you that to shame us”
“They don’t know their place  -  but, we gonna fix that . !”


t h e   b o y ' s   m o t h e r   r e p l i e d


"She didn't mean nothing by it              the lady was just being nice                  to a little boy"


She should never have said that


cause . .

as soon as the words  came out her mouth


                             B A M  .  !


she was man-punched square in the jaw


      my mama is usually
      a very quiet woman
      who doesn’t get involved in  s h i t
      until she gets involved in  s h i t
    I guess this day
    she had seen and heard enough


mama walked me to our truck
told me to stay put
she’ll be right back

    she took something
    out the glove compartment
                                      and left
I soon discovered
it was a  Glock 43


    she walked up to the guy
    smacked him upside the head
                     with the handle end
                                      of the gun
and dared him
to do something about it


The guy probably ate or drank
             a lot of stupid that day

Because he tried to hit my mom
and tried to fight her


        so she put a hole in his leg . !
        she then called the cops


a n d   a w a i t e d   t h e i r   a r r i v a l

back in the day
mama was a bad girl

she was

g a n g s t a

before there was even such a thing

not to be trifled with


    ~ There’s a story in the family ~

      t h a t   g o e s   l i k e   t h i s


      Mama once shot a man

      he smiled at her

                    - when asked
      why she shot the guy -


Mama said ~               

She don’t like dem kinda smiles


    and besides
    She didn’t shoot the guy
          because of the smile


                 She shot him -

      for what he was thinking  .  .  !


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Love the canvassing and tributary flow of this short story and its tribute to a "Butt-kicking" Queen Bee Mama! Excellent write, Mingoao. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Mingoao says:

Thank you, my Brother, appreciate the feedback. -Much Peace

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