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"Im only human"

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I wasnt born with perfection....according to the world at least

My mothers little blessing, i give her thanks for giving life to me

If i knew then what i know now, i wouldve stayed inside her womb

Cause' it was there that i felt safe, and well protected from yhe cruel

This world aint what it seems, its beautys' only an illusion

Thats masking its true identity of fear, lies, and confusion

They tell me that im this and they tell me that im that....truth is

They have to face the facts...yeh im not perfect, but hell...who is?

I am only human, yet thats not how theyre portraying me

I know it and you know it, i am NOT the things you label me

Nobody is perfect...if i have flaws dont judge, just pray for me

If we accept our flaws, and correct our flaws , think how wonderful this place would be..but we are only human

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SmurpheeeMajor says:


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tretre says:

This poem speaks the truth, Amazing poem. Keep that pen movin!

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