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"Past VS. Future"( A MUST READ)

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Nights like this when im captive in my thoughts is what i fear most...

I have to face myself and its a hell of a confrontation, you know...i dont usually do those..

But nights like this i dont think i have a choice,

This room is so dark and i barely hear noise,

My mind is running wild and all these thoughts i cant avoid

I must let it loose though...

This is the part where my past meets my future

My future is the victim and my past is the abuser

I jump on my past like "step back!! You cant abuse her!"

I will not let you do it, i refuse to allow you to abuse her...

In your flame thats been blazing for these past couple of years

Thats burnt half of my body from my head down to my heels

They said i might not make it, but thats some ish i aint tryna hear

Cause' as long as i got my God i will never have no fears

My past had me weak but i got stronger over time

"what dont kill you, makes you stronger" is the phrase that crossed my mind

My futures' looking solid, i know for sure she'll win this fight

Cause' my past is a weakling that's all bark but no bite

Nights like this when im captive in my thoughts..is what i love most

I have to face myself, and its a hell of a confrontation so i keep my pen close

Nights like this all my tears turn into ink

I let my pen go to work several lines without a blink

Scribbling away jotting down everything i think,

Feels good to let it loose though

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Wize Dom says:

Mane I'm like this is the BIZ love the flow!

2b2b2 says:

Awesome Write.....thats whatz up......ONE (WRITE ON!!!)

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