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This great big smile may not be as it appears, the truth behind its presence is a mystery

Look Into my eyes...although you may not see no tears, you can tell that theres been a past history

Many sleepless nights feeling down and depressed, thinking about my past and my lifetime regrets

As i put on my makeup, fix my weave and take a glance

In the mirror...i must admit, im not impressed

Who do i think im fooling? This chick aint me!

This smile aint real, this just cant be!!

Im letting past taunts get the best of me

& im crying deep inside, but no1 can see!

All they see is a smile thats been forced on my face

No1 seems to have a clue about the torment ive faced

& it really doesnt matter how gorgeous they say...

That i am, i will always be unsure anyways

Beautiful? Please..boy save that ish

Cause' way back in the day they aint say that ish

I remember when they used to call me names and ish

I aint gon lie, it still haunts me to this day and ish

So yes i admit.. Im a little insecure..and yes feeling pretty is a challenge

If i could view life through the eye of the beholder my self esteem would rise above average

No im not perfect.. Im Far from that, and yes i have a couple impurities

Ive got to stop worrying bout all of that, and learn to secure my insecurities

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Jordanta says:

Good write, very well laid out

2b2b2 says:

The Look of Victory....that is what this write tells me...thanks for sharing....ONE

Poteic Justice says:


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