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In peace we will fall if united we stand

The direction of man being guided by hands

Joined! Can you imagine the joy of acceptance?

Living the dream of unity that was in dr.kings message?

This world...as we know it is headed straight for destruction

If we do not change or ways and consider reconstruction

Its not hard to do if we just follow the instructions

That God instilled within our hearts just because he loved us

Can you imagine...this world...if there wasnt no religion?

One knowlege, one agreement, one peace amongst the living?

So many different books, different stories non existent?

Only one thing the same, the one to blame for our existence

Knowledge of a creator of a higher power...evident

Aware since the womb exactly what direction heavens in

Different names for God, different images...irrelevant

All over the world they know that after life...deaths not it

In every country across the globe theres belief in eternity

We were once perfect strangers, so how on earth did we learn these things?

There had to be a voice of a higher power whispering

In the ears of the people...in the beginning of all history

Religion causes conflict..not all agree with what you believe

But we must respect all, and accept all beliefs in order to achieve UNITY

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2b2b2 says:

Well Crafted.....Most Relevant...thanks for sharing....ONE

number3 says:

Enjoyed. Word up

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