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"The Vantriloquist"

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The movements of your hands...quite familiar

Introduced to you the day you took your first breath

The first words you spoke...unfamiliar

But taught to you by your parents, and from there you progressed

conversation..bitter or sweet amongst whoever you was to meet

Quarrels.. unexpected explosions of emotions thats been hidden inside so deep

and what might this be? what pushes one of the edge driven to do the unthinkable?

What puts one innocent bystander in the path of the wrath, and chosen to receive the blow?

Though...they didnt deserve it, never seen it coming,..what is the cause?

What makes us these money hungry, violent, selfish beasts that we are?

,in the dark...you will hear his voice, but cannot find his location

Because he will only reveal himself through the actions of Gods creation

The vantriloquist..with the earth as his puppet...he controls

Tricking us into unwillingly offering our souls

Thinking we are learning things on our own, when he accesses our minds

Look around you at all the things that helped to shape mankind

What taught us what to eat, how to dress, and how to live?

Put a face to our emotions, how to frown...how anger feels?

How to kill, successfully steal,? We learn from what we see and hear

If we never heard or saw the emotion, we wouldnt know how to fear

The vantriloquist...thrives inside of the things we love most

Or tvs, our radios, our computers, and even our phones

Compare the world before to the world we live today

Where societys slowly teaching us to use lower percentages of our brains

Its not supposed to be this way..when we are capable of so much more

Than becoming drug dealers, rappers, models, strippers and whores

But society teaches us...thats the way to be

Trusting society and technology..but what about our gut instinct?

Who are we really?? The more time flies, the more our purpose gets devoured

As were distracted by "technology" ..we dont even recognize our powers

The vantriloquist...that..damn vantriloquist...with the world as his puppet

Who are we really?? Its up to us to discover

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SoFloetic says:


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Number3 says:

your poetry always blows me away, another great one. Word Up

Wize Dom says:

Love it!!!

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2b2b2 says:

Awesome piece....most relevant...thanks for sharing....ONE

royale jones says:

very very very powerful love your message keep up the writting!

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