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Hypodermically speaking

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To do this I must be alone

Loneliness is a place without company

It’s a place I want to be

Need to be and have to be

Trying to be, hoping to be solitarily confined

In peace to Piece together my own brokenness

Tying off and shooting up not to miss

The gala where my spirit takes

The hand of my soul and dance

Along the walls of my stitched up heart

The pain of the missing glass in the window

The wanting piece to the puzzle

I close my eyes in the face of

Complicated situations and things

That I find hard to cope with

 I see Red blue jays and blue cardinals

As time moves the hand on

Biological clocks ticking

To the sound of breeze blowing

Through dusty vents spreading

Golden molecule and particles

Syphoning the universe

 Through smudged monocles and hazy


Multi colored galactic swirls

Don’t bother me while

I’m trying to get a fix

In this broken world





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tretre says:

I Love this poem...I can very much relate to it. When I read your poetry I often think to myself what you write about is the same stuff I think, but don't put down on my notebook. Perhaps I should huh? You are a very unique poet and that's for sure. Always keep that pen movin Wize Dom!

2b2b2 says:

SUPERB ARTISTRY that is sooo felt....thank you.....ONE

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Wordman21 says:


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