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A Helpmate

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A Helpmate. Let's define that term
And see how two people can help each other to remain firm
Like if one's down, the other can be an encouragement to be strong
But what if BOTH are weak? Man that ain't chic!
It's time to investigate and see where did this equation went wrong
By understanding it's meaning behind this subject, to make the connection
So that ALL can stand in agreement, while gaining knowledge and correction

1. A HELPMATE is someone who stays true to their love no matter what
No situation derived  can shake, make, break them; but always making the  cut

2. A HELPMATE will always share, whether it be big or small
Two heads are bettter than one, however one will help the other to stand tall

3. A HELPMATE will always fulfill the need; will always intercede
Simply because their love's unbreakable, two people born a pure breed.

Now that there's clarity, and love's true name is charity
It's should cause one to pull/push the otherr in the same polarityy
And be grafted to one anotherr, to set each other straight
To find at last what it means to be A HELPMATE.


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tretre says:

Beautiful Beautiful!!!! This poem needs to be shared...So I'm sharing this one. I hope you don't mind. Keep that pen movin JoJo!!!

Wize Dom says:

Yesss! I agree with tretre this is very beautiful

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2b2b2 says:

Profound Share....thank you....ONE

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