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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

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The mind, very powerful yet so fragile
A small muscle that can make a man physically agile
can even transform him to a mental giant
Bigger than Einstein, in God's eyes it has made him defiant

Built for authority, it makes the body move
through sending electronic impulses in a rhythymic groove
Increasing each muscle a thousand fold
to move mountains and explore the world untold

The mind, very precise in logic
Breaking every step down, it's almost nostalgic
even a bad idea can sometimes work itself out for the good
for reasons unknown, it's complexity is left misunderstood

Yet it's weak, has to be constantly cared for
while it processes information where it can be used to restore
thoughts and ideas for man's achievement
before he can cry under false bereavement

That's true yin and yang, hard and soft
a delicate balance that nobody must not tear aloft
Body and soul can operate efficiently in grace
A mind is a terrible thing to waste

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lloydboy35 says:

Wow!!! So true!! Great structure!! Love this Sir!!! Yes a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!

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Wize Dom says:

Many more minds need to read this, very powerful...keep on flowin my brother

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