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your poetry...

dropped... from

its place in your mind  

fell upon me... 

defying gravity as it

suspending time+space

spun a web so tight 

it created an alternate reality ...for me 

a cloud... to climb 

a place where i could dance

should i be so inclined...

to spead my cape... 

in a puff of smoke 

to escape... into a place 

so neatly designed 

iit almost blew my mind

as if you knew me... 

focused your imaginary lines...

right into mine... 

wiped me clear,

from the self imposed exile 



my essential elements


across a portal between 

our minds... 


from my perspective 



perpendicular to the one 

which you pursued 

stepping through a hole in the skies 

which you had so thoughtfully provided 

for my imagination

to astral glide into...



...not being rude/


 no ego tripping implied

a light reflecting from the heavens

from the stars between your eyes 

and your view was so tight

hit me right out of left field 

in a way that was surreal

in ways delightful...

gave me the thrill

i'd been waiting for... 

left me wanting more 

for a moment that lasts

no mistake ...i suggest

not being easy to impress

it's sexy and suggestive

to put it lightly, i'd say a classy way

well defined...





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Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Fabulous!

Corey says:

The power of poetry and the amazing journeys it gifts us. I enjoyed the ride, thank you.

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Charles2 says:

Thank you both, gifted travelers for partaking in the journey

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2b2b2 says:


Charles2 says:

Thanks, 2b.

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mlowe5 says:

Thanks for the sail. Journey on my Brother. Eyes and ears are waiting to be filled. Peace and Love. Brother M. Lowe

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