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To The Future Generation



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Hello, I would like to share with you the things we've experienced in the past

We were Blessed to have mothers that threw down in the kitchen to fill our bellies

That old school discipline to keep us in line when leaning astray

The good times enjoying our youths without worrying about social media or being recorded on tape

We have experienced and witnessed some of the greatest songs from the soul (No Auto Tune)

Music artists, producers, rappers, and singers with serious vocal control

Unbelievable events happened and we were here

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes displaced many families 

A virus created to control the population ravaged the world 

Killing hundreds of thousands in a short span

Causing fear in all and floods of tears

I hate to say it but them motherf@ckers somewhat succeeded

We drove vehicles that required oil and gas to run

Sports from soccer, basketball, golf, football, and fishing were performed outside for fun

 Respect and thy fellow man or woman no wrong was the way

Or it was a guarentee you'll meet KARMA someday 




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mlowe5 says:

Indeed, TEEDUB815! May they grasp this excellent awareness and guidance. Thanks for the share. ONE. Peace and Love.

Pourit says:

Yes the good old days!! Great poem
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Colette says:

Life without cell phones, a busy signal, pay phones, VCR’s and Blockbuster rentals, fun games to play without electronics, like jacks, hopscotch, marbles, paper dolls, cowboys and Indians, dodge ball, pick up sticks, checkers… less processed food, more and better verbal communication… yeah, these were the times. Thank you, this was Beautifully written for us to reflect on the then and the now. A time was indeed had! And from the words of the “New Generation, IYKYK (If you know, you know)

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LP45 says:

Now those were indeed the days! No cell phones, internet, no major forms of technology. Great write TEEDUB! Thanks for sharing these great memories.

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