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" A writers worst fear"

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As long as my heart beats, Ill expect to see the pen leak

ink onto the loose leaf, writing whatever sooths me.....
And when I do things, my mind unfolds before me,
I write whatever I see, cuz life is what excites me...especially when im writing...But then theres a "what if"
What if my brain loses its witt?
what if my fingers could no longer grip?
what if they stopped selling bics?
All hell would break loose then!!
What if my imagination became incarcerated, or decapitated, and reincarnated !!? I would really hate it.......
If someone else had my skills, If my words were used to kill, If my ink refused to spill, If my rhymes was no longer ill.....If there was absolutely no thrill......
In writing.... & this alone is a writers worst fear, paperless...penless...mindless....In other words.... "NOT HERE"

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2b2b2 says:

Great Share....thanks!

royale jones says:

Daaaaaaamn! You defiantly got it! skill that is.great write

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