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This latest poem - I am just not sure -the message is sound but it starts a bit odd - ah who am I kidding I am eccentric

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nothing to fear
serve your soul
getting inside my head
I am my own worst enemy
the monster of my on doing
created from my pain
the one I hold onto for my blame
feeling the fear
it is not mine
the sad emotions from a million lost souls
draining me
no complaints
my fate is here
shut it off
do not feel their pain
asking why I am so heartless
to much to take
all their pain
is driving in my veins
coursing through my spirit lights
bringing forth a darkness  the does not belong to me
how to release this
aches of others wants
run from the world
hide inside my head
no one can touch me there
let this soul release the darkness
let my light shine bright
all the ailing spirits
darkness and demons-evil and their nasty conspires
drawn to the bright light of my soul
surrounded by the darkness
naked in front of the crowd
strength and courage is all I have today

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after vision says:

my poet, I feel the moth going to the flame in this write.

hymnagen says:

The first 3rd of this piece made me feel like I was eavesdropping on some soul's torment Very vivid!

kavindra says:

thank you :)

latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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