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"Independent bitter women blues"

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Sometimes id rather starve than fulfill my appetite for love


As sensitive as my heart is it makes more since to be this tough


Brick wall against my chest, youll be lucky if you hear a...beat


I fool folks into thinking im heartless and a cold woman indeed


Im poison..trust me..you wouldnt wanna take a shot of me


Cause' once this venom hit em, they wont feel it till is already killed em...properly


Honestly, whats love gon do for me? When i love myself enough for the both of us?


I make love when i need to, and turn to God when i need to open up


So what do i need love for? Honestly..


What can love do for me? Honestly..


Why settle for some of you, when i can gladly have all of me?


But im..lonely...deep down inside im wishing i had someone to hold me


But im so picky i keep forgetting..every word my mother told me


She said " everybody needs somebody" even if you think.you dont


You can be as independent as ever..but still go home to a bed ice cold


So independent bitter women..put down your guards, you dont always have to have them up


Put ur mighty pride to the side...open your heart and welcome love


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Wordman21 says:

Wow....Nice Write..Pretty telling

Jah Lyrix says:


Wize Dom says:

Kick @ss poem

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darylg44 says:

Excellent writing Jah. Hold onto that one. Great stuff

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2b2b2 says:


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