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"Mind Sex"

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Eyes...are the window to the soul they say

But im envisioning your eyes in more provocative ways

With a brown so deep, i cant help but to gaze

& imagine tinted windows on an escalade

Your...brown eyes... Im inside...but nobody can see

Our 2 minds making.endless love in your backseat

I wanna see u cry, for ur tears create my sea

So bring ur rock solid thoughts and take a dive right into me

splash...i like it when its slow not fast

So please take your time, i want this fantasy to last

If im dreaming let me dream, dont wake me up with a slap

Unless its part of the act...motion of ur palm to my ass

Make love to me!! Longer, stronger, sweeter

Side stroke, back stroke, deeper! Deeper!!

Push me to the edge until my whole soul is screaming

To the top of its lungs, now pause...........take a breather

We just made love in a spiritial state

& climaxed in a way that the physical cant

If there ever comes a time that youre mentally horny

Ill *** ur mind while u *** mine..while we ***..now thats an orgy....

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latin_lover says:

Very nice.

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royale jones says:

I just had my first mindgasome lol great write thank u!

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janeganja says:

Great write!

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bekz580 says:

Your words were truly sexy, great work!

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