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"When Innocence Leaves their Eyes"

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Should this ever happen, we should weep towards the skies

It's something to be concerned about....When Innocence Leaves Their Eyes

When we hold a child who's young, their eyes hardly show emotion

Because they're sheltered from the world/The chaos, and commotion

But, if youy don't raise them properly, if you abuse/do drugs/or crime

Their precious lives will become altered...they'll grow up before it's time

I ounce knew a girl with eyes, so beautiful, serene and pure

Still, her father had an ugly problem,,,Many nights alone endured

Oh, she was still a lovely vision, but, her eyes were not the same

They reflected the bittermess of her Soul/the violation, and the shame

Eyes devoid of Innocence had taken something from her face

Since her father destroyed her purity...Yes, he touched her secret place

Many are the kids who suffer this, we wish it wasn't so

Yet, their eyes speak sans the Innocence, which was taken long ago

These kids don't know about Love, only Survival/Rejection/Fear

So, to a Trick, A Pipe, A bottle...No doubt to find some solace there

In their eyes you'll see no joy, only their hearts remember when

How it felt to be free and Innocent; it won't be felt again

It's something that can't be hidden, no cover up or disguise

Because you'll look at a child and know....When Innocence Leaves Their Eyes....

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Cjsmom770 says:

Powerful! I love the smooth mellow flow shadowed by a painful vision...bittersweet almost.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours...Forgive my tardy response Sister. My health is somewhat fragile and I was laid up in the hospital for a few days...Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this...I'm always grateful and Humbled...

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blakmista says:

Yes. Healing for the heart and soul I felt so much. Thank you Major G.

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